Sunstone - Mystic Coated
Sunstone - Mystic Coated

Sunstone - Mystic Coated

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Protect your spirit from all the toxic environments we face day to day. Sunstone keeps the negativity away and encourages happiness.  It stimulates the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. and is known to bring good fortune and luck. Sunstone provides strength, helps alleviate stress, cleanses the aura, and offers the courage to stand your ground.  It also helps eliminate negative thought patterns. This is a happy stone. Just like the sun rises and offers the gifts of a new day, the Sunstone will provide the same bright energy.


Natural Gemstones - Mystic coated faceted Sunstone

8mm beads

Product Quality

Mother Natures treasures are all unique in colour and may not appear exactly as shown.  There is a wonderful beauty about the natural imperfections of all things nature.  Each piece is genuinely one of a kind for this reason.  We use high quality, pre-stretched chord, and no chemicals or glue.  Bracelet sizes may vary up to 5mm.

Product Care

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Disclaimer - Energy Healing, including the use of crystals, should not be considered a substitute for traditional medical treatment.  Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or disease.  If you or someone you know has concerns about a medical issue, you/they should consult a Healthcare Professional.  Non-traditional and supportive methods can be used to complement a thorough healthcare plan.