2021 Deserves Your Attention – Best Crystals to Manifest All the Right Energy for the New Year

If it no longer serves you, it’s not meant for you.  Release it and create space for fresh, new, flowing, positive energy to help you manifest and realize your intentions.

Energy Flow


As one of the most difficult years comes to a close, we are all eager for a new beginning.

We hope for something better, an end in sight, the courage and resilience to endure, and enough blessings to manifest the abundance we all need.

No matter how uncertain things may appear today, never lose hope for tomorrow.  Stay positive and create things to look forward to. You deserve all good things for yourself.  You deserve to live freely and to realize the best you in all you do. 

Manifest positive energy for new beginnings by making daily affirmations a part of your daily self-care routines.

Click the image below to view amazing affirmations that will encourage you to push ahead for better days. 



Say them out loud.  Visualize them.  Take charge.  Know your worth.  And then use these affirmations to place the best intentions into your crystals. 



This is a highly energetic time of the year, magnified by the recent and last Full Moon of 2020.

That makes it perfect for setting intention into your crystals and increasing the power of manifesting the energy you seek.  And by allowing positive and fruitful energy to come in, you are essentially releasing all the incorrect and toxic energy that holds you down.

Check out some of our crystal recommendations to help kickstart 2021 the right way.

Crystals for Your New Year's Intentions

Citrine - Citrine is perfect for manifesting the prosperity and abundance you so deserve.  It is a happy stone that helps boost your confidence and increase your personal power.  Citrine aids in overcoming depression and is a powerful motivational stone.   

7 Chakra


Moonstone - The Stone of New Beginnings is naturally a fabulous choice for setting intentions in the new year.  A powerful stone of courage and strength, Moonstone encourages inner growth, brings good fortune, and enhances intuition. 



Sunstone -  Harness your personal power with the energy of Sunstone.  It brings the powerful and warm energy of the sun which will help develop your confidence and provide you with the determination you need to move forward with your goals.  Sunstone is also a great stone to help with SAD - seasonal affective disorder - otherwise known as 'winter depression'.  




Clear Quartz - The biggest powerhouse of all healing crystals, Clear Quartz amplifies all other crystals as well as your intention and energy making it a great choice for a New Years stone.  A high vibrational stone that brings clarity and and helps you focus and stay positive.




Selenite - This super high vibration stone will help clear all obstacles and negative energy blocking your path.  Use this stone to open lines of communication with spirit and help you receive messages from your spirit guides.  It will increase your intuition and purify the energy around you.  Selenite is a positive light that clears negative and toxic energy, clearing the path for your success.




Tourmaline - Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal to keep all that toxic negativity away.  It encourages positive thoughts, cleanses the aura, keeps you protected, and helps you stay grounded.  

Confidence & Truth



Some final thoughts

Crystals promote good energy flow.  They emit positive, uplifting, and calming vibrations that encourage you to achieve and receive more.  More balance, stability, courage, creativity, peace and so much more. Use the power of crystals to amplify and manifest the best energy for yourself and your intentions.


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