Our Story

Amali means ‘my hope’. Hope for love, light, healing, and happiness.

Amali was created with the goal of helping others find peace and overcome adversity. After suffering a decline in my own mental health in 2017, I became inspired by the positive impact crystal healing was making in my life. It was completely therapeutic too. I began with handcrafting and designing gemstone bracelets to help others have the same uplifting experience with crystals.

My goal now is to continue to help others find healing using Amali bracelets, while also supporting the mental health and awareness causes I have become so passionate about. A portion of all Amali purchases are donated back to mental health initiatives across Canada.

Each bracelet I design is hand strung with intent and love using natural gemstones. I use a combination of methods to cleanse and energize your bracelets including the use of Selenite, smudging with California White Sage and Peruvian Palo Santo, and charging them under the abundant energy of the moon. Every bracelet is ready to be worn and set magnify your intent and purpose the moment you receive it.

There is an Amali bracelet for everyone with selections to suit minimalist jewelry enthusiasts, bling lovers and those looking for the perfect bracelet for weddings and special occasions. I also design custom orders to best suit your style and crystal needs.

To complement our bracelets, we offer a variety of other gemstone products and smudge kits made with the same care and love.

My hope is that you will unlock an abundance of love and healing wearing and using my handcrafted products.

Founder & Designer