Care Instructions | Crystal Healing Bracelets & Gemstones

Every piece of Amali jewelry is made with love and care from natural gemstones and various metal and precious metal accents.

Here are some tips on caring for your new swag.


The most natural way to cleanse and charge your gems is by using the abundant energy of the Moon or Sun.

Full Moon phase is a perfect time for cleansing and charging your Amali jewelry.  The energy is most powerful and abundant during this time.  Charging under any phase of the moon is also effective.

We encourage you to use caution when exposing your crystals to sunlight as they can cause fires.  Especially quartz crystals.  If you are someone who likes to charge your crystals under the Sun, we recommend doing so for short periods of time and placing them on a non-flammable surface. 

Selenite is another safe and wonderful way to cleanse your Amali jewelry. Place your jewelry on selenite for several hours to cleanse and energize your jewelry.

Try not to wear your jewelry in the water. Some gems are water soluble and can either get damaged or dissolve with exposure to water.  For this reason, we don't recommend cleansing your gems in water unless you confirm they cannot be damaged by it.



To reduce wear and tear, we do not recommend wearing your jewelry in the shower or to bed.  Exposure to shampoos and lotion as well as the natural salt in your skin, will weaken the cord over time.  If your jewelry is meant to help you with sleep, use care or take it off and place under your pillow.

Roll your bracelet off your wrist rather than pulling on it.

Wood beads can become dull over time.  Rub the beads gently between your fingers to get them glowing again. You can also place a small amount of essential oil, olive oil, beeswax or mineral oil in your hand and rub thoroughly into your wood beads.  A soft cloth can also be used.  Be careful not to get oil on the cord.

Do not leave your jewelry in the washroom.  Humidity can cause damage.



Some of your Amali jewelry may come with metal accents such as sterling silver, Tibetan silver, plated brass, and 14kgf.

Plating wears over time and wears faster when it comes into contact with abrasive materials.  Avoid contact with perfume, hairspray, nail polish remover and ensure you clean your jewelry with less harsh substances.  

Warm water and a soft cloth usually does the job.  You can also add a mild dish-washing liquid to help.

Dry your jewelry thoroughly after exposure to damp conditions.