Tumbled Stone Resource Guide


Amethyst is considered an "All-Purpose Stone". Known to calm, protect, and cleanse the spirit, it is great for the Crown Chakra. It is a meditative stone used to promote peace and balance. Provides clarity and helps relieve stress and anxiety. It aids in dealing with mood swings and is also known as a travelers stone and can be carried with you for protection while traveling.


Black Onyx is a powerful protective stone. It absorbs converts and defends you against negative energy.  Eases fear and worry.  Promotes grounding, strength and determination. 


Blue Aventurine is a peaceful and calming stone and a great stone to aid the Throat Chakra. It helps with communication skills, both with others, as well as your higher self. Blue Aventurine is also a great stone to aid with relaxation and clearing the mind of stress and anxiety.


Blue Quartz is also a peaceful and calming stone. Aids in relaxation and enhances dream work and psychic abilities. It helps with communication skills, both with others, as well as your higher self. Blue Quartz is also a great stone to aid with meditation, dealing with emotional issues, and balancing the chakras.
Carnelian is a powerful Root Chakra Stone. It is a stabilizing, grounding, and balancing stone. Promotes vitality and motivation and enhances your creative flow. It also boosts courage, self-confidence, and promotes positive life choices. It helps you trust yourself and protects against resentment, envy, rage and helps with jealousy in relationships.
Known as the Master Healer, Clear Quartz amplifies the healing vibrations of all other crystals. It has a positive effect on all Chakras. It elevates the mind, expands consciousness, and removes energy blockages. It balances emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual planes and cleanses the soul. Clear Quartz also promotes good concentration and memory.
Green Aventurine aids in balancing and activating the Heart Chakra. it is an all-around comforter and healer of the heart. Helps in enhancing intellect, imagination, and creativity and promotes willpower, confidence, wealth, and prosperity. It is also used to neutralize electromagnetic pollution. This stone is all about strength, courage, and happiness.
A stone of the mind as well as a very protective and grounding stone. Carry with you to help stay grounded in many different situations.
Brings inner peace, helps you feel centered and calm. Hematite works with the Root Chakra to help transform negative energy into positive vibrations. It is also powerful in building confidence and self esteem and will help stimulate the mind.

A calming stone. Reduces anxiety and stress. Helps ease insomnia, aids in controlling anger and aggression, helps release muscle tension and also aids in dream retention. Often called 'The Attunement Stone", Howlite is good for the 5th (Throat), 6th (Third Eye) and 7th (Crown) Chakras.

Aragonite is known to help with concentration and clearing the mind. It promotes patience, confidence, and contentment. It has deep connections to Earth bringing grounding, balance, and harmony through all chakras.

Stone of Universal Love, the Rose Quartz opens and purifies the heart and promotes love, deep inner healing and peace. Restores trust and harmony in relationships and also promotes self love. Offers a soothing energy and gives comfort to wounded hearts.