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Featuring natural Smoky Quartz & Moss Agate gemstones with tibetan silver spacer beads.

Brings courage and strength and has wonderful grounding abilities. Moss agate is deeply connected to nature. Promotes prosperity and creativity. A stone of abundance and wealth. Stabilizes energy when dealing with stressful situations.

Smoky Quartz is known as a Stone of Power. Excellent grounding and detoxifying stone. Helps clear all around negative energies. Promotes calmness to help with stress and anxiety. Aids positive thinking and enhances intuition. Great for aiding in pain management - both emotionally and physically.


Product Quality

Mother Natures treasures are all unique in colour and may not appear exactly as shown.  There is a wonderful beauty about the natural imperfections of all thing nature.  Each bracelet is genuinely one of a kind for this reason.  We use high quality, pre-stretched chord and no chemicals or glue.  Sizes may vary by 1-5 mm.

Product Care

As with all things, the way you care for your bracelet will determine how long it will last.  Some gemstones are water soluble and therefore cannot be cleansed or worn in water.  We recommend removing your jewelry before getting into the water.  Always roll your bracelet off your wrist instead of pulling and stretching it.  Repetitive pulling can cause the chord to weaken.


Disclaimer - Energy Healing, including the use of crystals, should not be considered a substitute for traditional medical treatment.  Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease.  If you or someone you know has concerns about a medical issue, you/they should consult a Healthcare Professional.  Non-traditional and supportive methods can be used to compliment a thorough healthcare plan.