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Calm & Content Lava Diffuser Bracelet will bring you grounding, joy, contentment, and help reduce stress and anxiety.  And you get to diffuse this delight with your favourite Amali essential oils!  Choose from an amazing selection.

  • 100% natural Lava Stone (black and silver-plated), Pink Zebra Jasper and Howlite
  • Lava Diffuser - diffuse with your favourite essential oils.  Drop into beads or dab on your fingers and rub into the bead.
  • Lava:  Grounding stone, Lava assists through times of change. It provides courage, strength, and is also a calming stone. Balances emotions and is good for balancing the Root Chakra. Don't forget to infuse your lava stones with your favorite essential oils and enjoy the benefits of crystal healing and aromatherapy all in one! 
  • Pink Zebra Jasper:  Heart Chakra stone and attracts joy, happiness, and contentment.  Jasper is also a naturally protective gemstone promoting healing, comfort, and security.
  • Howlite: Reduces anxiety and stress. Helps ease insomnia, aids in controlling anger and aggression helps release muscle tension, and also aids in dream retention. Often called 'The Attunement Stone", Howlite is good for the 5th (Throat), 6th (Third Eye), and 7th (Crown) Chakras.
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Type: Stretch

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