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A customized and totally gorgeous colour palette, Confidence & Truth Intention Energy Bracelet was made to amplify the powerful healing, grounding and truth-telling properties of Tourmaline, African Amazonite & Rose Gold Hematite gemstones.

  • Amazonite: Powerful Truth stone that aids the Throat Chakra. Helps you speak your truth and receive it as well. Stabilizes an over-emotional spirit. Aids with communication and self-awareness. It calms the mind and aids in healing from trauma. Also good for balancing energies in the workplace.
  • Tourmaline:  Extremely popular and one of the most powerful protective and stabilizing stones.  Tourmaline will help purify and cleanse energy and help with stressful situations.
  • Hematite: Hematite is a very protective and grounding stone. Carry with you to help stay grounded in many different situations. Brings inner peace, helps you feel centered and calm. Works with the Root Chakra to help transform negative energy into positive vibrations.
  • Bead Size: 4mm and 8mm
  • Type:  Stretch


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